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What does a backroom mean?

Backroom means the distance from the door to the garage’s back wall. For a garage door to be installed, its height plus 18 inches is required. If a garage door opener will be installed, additional backroom is required. Our professional installation technicians determine these measurements for proper door installation.

How much headroom is required for garage door installation?

This depends on the type of spring to be used on your new garage door. Extension springs require a minimum 10-inch, while torsion springs require a 12-inch headroom. If an opener is installed, additional headroom is needed. It is best to check additional headroom requirements with the opener’s manufacturer.

Can garage doors be installed on your own?

It is not recommended for garage doors to be installed DIY, and it certainly should be installed by two or more persons. This heavy appliance requires not just skills, but also the right tools. If mishandled, it can cause bodily injury and property damage.

Can I use a universal garage door remote control for my door?

Universal remote controls are available for use with most openers. However, you still have to check with your door manufacturer if a universal remote will work for your garage door. This control can be programmed to open one or two doors.

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