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The electric garage door operators are the mechanism turning the door automatic. The opener unit, which is usually mounted on the ceiling, contains the lamps, the switches that regulate the closing/opening position of the door and its force, and the motor which is connected in the electric power. The power of the motor is not always the same. Garage door openers have several differentiations and the horsepower of their motor is the most significant one. This is chosen in association with the weight of the door with heavier doors needing more powerful motors and perhaps chain drive openers. The motor transfers its power to the door through the chain and the door arm but the opener can also be disconnected should there is need to use the door manually.

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Garage Door Openers in MinnesotaActually, having an emergency release cord installed is as significant as having the right sensors installed at the door. Such features are a necessity today and Garage Door Repair Edina suggests to clients to replace their openers if they lack such important features. By law all electric garage door openers today must integrate both photo eyes and a release cord since they are critical for one's safety. We don't only make sure the openers of our customers are serviced right so that they will be safe but also ensure their new choices are from manufacturers, like Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie, Marantec, Liftmaster or Sears, which comply with the UL 325 requirements.

We install garage door openers having these regulations in mind since the photo eyes must be mounted at a certain height and so is the wall button. When we maintain your Liftmaster door opener, we make sure the photo eyes are aligned and the release cord is in good condition. We are masters in the maintenance of all electric operators and fast when our customers need emergency repairs. You can count on our garage door repair opener experts whenever you want same day service!

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