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Garage Door Springs
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The garage door springs are either found at the sides of the door or at the space above it. It would depend on the size and weight of the door since the main job of springs is to enable its movement. They must have enough power to open and close the door but also to keep it at any height. Their power comes from the way their coils move. As the extension garage door springs stretch and contract, they create enough power for the door to open but each extension spring must be equal to half the weight of the door so that the door can be properly counterbalanced. Torsion springs have a shaft passing through them which connects with the cable drums. At one side the spring is stationary and the other side, it has a winding cone and spins.

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Garage Door Springs in MinnesotaThe good installation of garage door springs ensures safe and proper operation. What we mean by good installation at Garage Door Repair Edina is not just that the new springs will be installed perfectly but also that the previous ones will be removed with attention and the new ones will be chosen to meet the criteria of your door. We are proficient garage door repair specialists and our knowledge of springs enables us to take the right precautions when we work, and of course is in the favor of our customers.

Whether your overhead door springs are broken or just damaged, you can trust us for their replacement. Our professionals are fast for either case since broken springs are useless and damaged springs are dangerous. We excel in our services, rush to repair their problems and make sure they are adjusted properly so that the door will be adjusted well, too. It helps that we are specialists of all spring types, models and brands, but it's equally critical that we are trained and conscientious. You can always count on our team for broken spring replacement and any other service related to your torsion or extension springs for garage doors.

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