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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Fast sectional door panel replacement

What are the chances for hitting your garage door twice at the same spot with the car? We did it! The first time, Garage Door Repair Edina reassured us that the problem could be fixed. Indeed, the technicians worked really hard and managed to repair the damage. The second time, the damage was worse. The good thing was that they had the part of our sectional doors replaced the following day. They were here first thing in the morning for garage door panel replacement. What a fast and great service!

Expert technicians for roller replacement

We didn't just admire the good work of the professionals from Edina Garage Door Repair but also the attention they gave to details and to us. They came to replace our garage door rollers. They already made our life easier by getting the new rollers themselves and helping us find the right ones. Anyway, when they got to replacing the bottom rollers, they told us all about the dangers of the bottom bracket due to its connection to the garage door spring and cable system. So, our job was done, we learned new things and also knew how to protect ourselves better. Awesome!

Came just for fastener tightening

I called Garage Door Repair Edina to report that some garage door parts were vibrating as the door was moving. They told me that they would send a technician soon and they did. It turned out that there was a problem with the fasteners. Some of them were loose. One of the garage door tracks moved from his original position because of it. My overhead door became pretty dangerous and I didn't even know it. So, they tightened and repaired everything. Since then I keep calling them for routine services to avoid similar issues. I never had such problems again!

The best lubrication maintenance ever

I used to lubricate garage door parts on my own for some time till I realized that lately the overhead door was noisy despite the fact that I had lubricated it only recently. It could be another problem, I thought and so I called Edina Garage Door Repair. The professional checked the whole mechanism well and told me that there was nothing wrong with it apart from the fact that all components were extremely dirty. He said that good cleaning is suggested before lubrication maintenance. So, he cleaned and lubricated the parts himself. He was great! Noises disappeared and along my fears, too.

Great garage door windows replacement

We decided to replace our garage door windows when we realized that their frames were pretty damaged. We couldn't talk about insulation with all these drafts coming in and so we turned to Garage Door Repair Edina for assistance and solutions. The garage door company was awesome in terms of the way the personnel helped. First of all, someone checked the problem and made suggestions. They told us about the latest safety glass panels and which frames would be best and insisted on the quality of the weather seals. The whole service was excellent and to our benefit. Highly recommended team!

Stronger and Quieter New Hinges

"My overhead door was shaking and making awful noises during opening and closing. I hired this company to resolve the problem because they gave me the most attractive repair rate. The technician was very punctual and found the cause of the problem after a quick test. He discovered that the garage door hinges were worn and replaced them with new ones made from thick galvanized steel. Even though the job was quite big, the tech was done with it very quickly. He lubricated each hinge as well to ensure quiet movement. If you want to get the best result fast, I suggest using the services of Garage Door Repair in Edina. I am a loyal customer already!"

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