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Resolving Garage Door Track Issues

Resolving Garage Door Track Issues
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The role of the tracks is to guide the overhead garage door on its way up and down. They are stationary components so they do not get worn quickly, but this does not mean that they are completely safe from trouble. Find out more about the most common problems affecting these components and how to deal with them.

Dealing with Blockage, Loosening, Bending and More

Resolving Garage Door Track IssuesWhen the door cannot go all the way down, it is probably due to blockage of one of these components. Open the unit fully and disconnect the opener to run inspection. If you identify a pebble or thick dirt accumulation, remove it using a tool that does not scratch the metal surface. Clean the area with a soft cloth.

When the brackets holding these components get loose or damaged, the door starts to shake during opening and closing. If the top and bottom sections get misaligned, you may hear scraping sounds. The issue is resolved by aligning the two sections and tightening the bolts. Damaged and broken brackets and bolts should be replaced.

In case of a bent track, you will be able to see the damage clearly. Depending on how bad the bending is, the door may not be able to go all the way down. Having your garage door repaired involves straightening the affected section. If the bent section is closed to the point of breaking, the affected component will be replaced with a new one that has the same size, design and thickness. You can rely on us for resolving the issue.

Sometimes, the bottom ends of these components get rusty even if they are made from galvanized steel. This occurs when road salts or driveway cleaners damage the protective coating of the metal. You will have to protect the hardware parts from these damaging compounds in addition to removing the rust with a specially designed product.

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